Convertkit vs Aweber vs Getresponse vs Mailchimp – 2018 Reviews

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When it comes to online email marketing tools, you have a lot to choose from. Which one is best for your situation? As with most things, it depends on your budget and goals. Here is a quick email marketing tools comparison of 4 good choices:

ConvertKit – A relative newcomer to email marketing software compared to oldtimers like Aweber, ConvertKit came on the scene with some impressive features. For example, their drag and drop graphical email sequence builder, their “if this then that” approach to customizing email content for subscribers based on their interests, and their overall approach email automation. The ConvertKit automations allow you to customize a subscribers path based on their actions, which can of course be tracked within the ConvertKit software. Created by well known blogger Nathan Barry, Nathan has targeted ConvertKit to appeal to professional bloggers, which has prompted some big name bloggers to switch to ConvertKit.

Aweber – This email marketing software service has been in business since 1998. Aweber is now the email automation platform of choice for over 100,000 online marketers. They have an award winning customer service staff that go to great lengths ensuring all your email marketing questions are answered. As some of the competing email marketing services started to develop a richer feature set, Aweber was slow to respond at first. However, they have been catching up with features like their mobile app called Curate, one-click automation and list segmentation, tags and email campaigns that can be triggered by tags associated with a subscriber based on the location they signed up from, their completion of a previous campaign, or by clicking on a link in an email (which sets a tag and triggers a new campaign of new emails to be sent to that subscriber on a schedule you set).

GetResponse – While Aweber and ConvertKit seem to be very popular with the blogging and make money online community, GetResponse is more of a mainstream email marketing platform. Getresponse has evolved to the point where they are now billed as an “All-in-one Online Marketing Platform to Grow your Business”. This means that in addition to helping you manage email newsletters, they also now offer a landing page builder, webinar software, and marketing automation to completely manage your customers journey based on their data and behavior. Getresponse is worth considering if your needs go beyond managing a simple email newletter to include an overall solution for marketing to your audience.

MailChimp – As email marketing tools go, Mailchimp is another old-timer in the business. Established in 2001, they now send out millions of emails a day on behalf of their large customer base. Having been around for so long they have integrations available for virtually every product out there such as Salesforce, Shopify, Eventbrite, Twitter, Facebook, and SurveyMonkey. They have evolved over the years and currently offer the kinds of features you would expect in a modern email marketing tool. Features like marketing automation, customer targeting options, and a mobile app that includes the ability to create and send email campaigns from your mobile phone or tablet.

Of course there is a lot of overlap on what each of these online email marketing tools have to offer. Your choice may come down to price point, availability of free trials, specific features of interest, and which one you think would be easier to use.

To get better feeling for all that, visit each one of their websites. You will typically find professional videos and feature pages showing off their capabilities. Then pick one and go with it!

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